Are the play mats safe for my baby?

We have a ZERO NASTIES policy.   Our mats are made from eco friendly TPU memory foam.  They been thoroughly tested and are compliant with Australian & New Zealand AS/NZS ISO 8124 Safety Standards as well as European EN71 Safety Standards.

○ Waterproof
○ Hypoallergenic
○ Non Toxic (BPA, formaldehyde, DEHP, PVC, and phthalates FREE)
○ Eco Friendly


Are they pet safe?

Whilst there is nothing in the mat that could hurt your furry friends, we discourage pet use.  Animals sharp nails could puncture or damage the surface of the mat, in which case the damage is irrepairable.


How do I clean the play mat?

We recommend wiping the mat clean with soft damp cloth for everyday cleaning.  The best way to thoroughly clean the mat is simply using mild (dish) detergent. If soiled, simply use a small amount of detergent diluted in water and wipe down the entire mat and leave it to dry naturally or pat dry with a towel. Always allow the mat to dry completely before rolling it up and storing it away to prevent any unwanted mould.
*Avoid using harsh cleaning agents as prolonged use may damage/ discolour the mat.


Can we use baby or antibacteral wipes to clean the mat?

Most wipes contain fragrance stabilisers which are of alcohol functional groups that act as preservative-like properties. They are certainly antimicrobial but unfortunately alcohol is not suitable to clean TPU materials. Short term use may not show any/much changes, however prolonged use may cause discolouration and may weaken the material causing surface damage.


What should I avoid?

Avoid alcohol and other harsh cleaning agents such as bleach, sprays. Take care to check the ingredient listings at the back of the cleaner as alkaline based cleaning products may cause discolouration. Prolonged use may weaken the material and cause it to easily tear. Avoid using sharp or hot objects on the mat. Take care when doing art and craft - water based stains are removable however ball point pens/ markers are no.  Take caution when hanging out with your fur babies and with highly pigmented items such oil based food/ liquid. We cannot be held responsible for damage done after the mat has been used.


How long does it take for the mat to flatten out?

It takes around 2-4 days to completely flatten. Once taken out from the box packaging, unroll it in the reverse direction to let it relax and settle and to release the minor creasing. To quicken the process, simply reverse roll the mat, strapping it up with the velcro straps and leave it overnight before flattening it out. 



 Can I use my mat outdoors?

Yes you can, however please void direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time as the mat could discolor at a rapid rate. We recommend using under shade cover at all times. Please also note that whilst the mat is non slip when dry, it is not when wet.  Avoid water play when using your mat outdoors.


Is it normal for discolouration to occur?

Due to the natural characteristics of the TPU, yes this is normal.  Moodie luxe play mats are made of non-toxic TPU materials which is free from chemicals, meaning there's no additional plasticisers or additives such as phthalates (toxic) added to them, so some slight fading and discolouration may occur over time with usage. To keep discolouration at bay, avoid using baby wipes or harsh cleaning agents as well as direct sun exposure.


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