What are your dispensers made of?

Our signature teddy bear bag dispensers are made from ABS food grade plastic.  The straps are made from non toxic silicon.


 Are your nappy bags biodegradeable?

Our plastic bags are made with EPI additive technology which helps break plastic up over time.  However, currently we do not sell 100% plant based bags but may in the future.



Can we use baby or antibacteral wipes to clean the dispenser?

Short term use may not show any/much changes, however prolonged use may eventually cause discolouration. 


Can we put the dispenser in the dishwasher?

We do not reccommend it.  The matte paint finish on the dispensers could scratch or melt away.  We reccommend a soft cloth with mild dish soap, this should remove any dirt or debris.


Do we need to buy your refill rolls only?

No!  Most standard pet waste bags will fit our dispenser, so absolutely use what you have.  Please note that our bags hold fifteen per roll, where most pet bags are only 12 bags per roll.


Why do you only offer lavender scented bags?

Lavender scented was our initial launch product, but unscented bags are on the way!  Watch this space! 



If you have any more questions that we have not answered, please feel free to email us at info@ilovemoodie.com